Construction current

We have more than 20 years of experience in temporary facilities and cooperate with most construction companies in the country. We help to calculate how much power your construction site requires. Our experienced electricians are responsible for the installation based on your needs. We also contact the network owners to ensure that you get the power you need. We also help with organizing distribution centers, main centers, power cables, lighting, truss masts, etc.

Quality control

According to the Electrical Safety Act (2016:732), the facility owner must ensure that the facility is continuously checked and provides reassuring safety against personal and property damage, any deficiencies must be rectified so that no one is injured or a fire occurs. Therefore, all work should be carried out by an authorized company.

An interference-free and safe electricity supply is therefore important for the workplace to run as smoothly as possible.

Temporary facilities that are set up and taken down frequently are exposed to greater wear and tear than permanent facilities. Therefore, in addition to the check before commissioning, it is extra important that these are checked and serviced regularly.

Ardei Group can therefore offer review and service of the customer’s own machine park (switchboards, cables, etc.) as well as regular checks and measures of the plant at the workplace. We also help with the preservation of the customer’s equipment for other projects.