ID06 Passage system

We at Ardei Group have extensive experience and have helped our customers since the ID06 system was launched in Sweden. We help with planning, installation and service as well as troubleshooting of the ID06 system, control boxes and all types of gates. We make complete ID06 solutions that give you control over who stays at the workplace and easy reporting to the tax authorities according to the ID06 standard. We cooperate with all actors such as Infobric and Entral.

Control box Infobric

Control box Infobric

Controlbox 400 is a safe solution for controlling access to the fenced construction site, unauthorized people are kept out.

Dörrsystem Infobric

Door system Infobric

The door system ensures that the right people are in the right place, at the right time. Only authorized persons with ID06 cards can open doors.

Regbox 250

Regbox 250

Regbox 250 is a flexible and flexible solution for personnel storage on all types of construction sites.

Vikgrind A

Vikgrind A

A perfect choice for the construction site that wants fast and safe flows for vehicle traffic.


Sliding gate

Safe and efficient construction site with mobile sliding gate for vehicle traffic.


Rotary gate

Revolving gates are the safest way to control the flow of people to the workplace and to have control over who is in the area.