Electrical installations

We have extensive experience in the electrical industry and help companies and private individuals with all types of electrical assignments and electrical installations.

We carry out all types of electrical installations, regardless of whether it is a renovation or a new production. Our assignments can involve small commitments such as switching outlets for larger projects.

If you book your electrical installation with us, you get experienced electricians who carry out the work safely and we also provide a guarantee on the work. In addition, you get an extra guarantee on the work because we are part of the Installatörsföretaget.

Examples of work we carry out:

  • Renovation of electrical installations
  • Rewiring of electricity
  • Installation of earth-fault circuit breakers
  • Installation of white goods
  • Replacement of power station
  • Retraction of underfloor heating

Root deduction

When you book with us, all our services are eligible for a 30% root deduction. We take care of all the work to apply for the root deduction.

In Garanti stamp

Extra Guarantee for our customers from Installatörsföretagen for all types of installations we carry out.